At the center of all our efforts are the quality and safety of our products and the satisfaction of our customers and users, as well as the wider community, with constant monitoring and compliance with legal regulations, standards, safety of our products, safety and health of our employees and the environment.
We are aware of the responsibility towards:

CLIENTS / OUR PRODUCTS USERS: our goal is to take constantly care of the health and safety of products used in the food industry, the origin of raw materials, as well as to improve constantly the quality and production method of our products.

-EMPLOYEES: our goal is to allow all our employees the opportunity to build quality relationships with the company and promote their personal development through constant care for their health and providing zero risk jobs with zero risk.

-FUTURE GENERATIONS AND THE ENVIRONMENT: our goal is constantly improvement of working conditions and awareness levels of all of us and our business partners in order to prevent all types of environmental pollution.

-SOCIAL COMMUNITY: our goal is to meet all business standards and social obligations, as well as the legal requirements related to the activity we perform, both Serbian and all countries in which we place our products.

We all accept responsibility for the realization of these four goals by implementing and maintaining an integrated management system and through continuous improvement of its efficiency.

Integrated Management System is harmonized with the following standards:
ISO 22000:2018, ISO 45001: 2018,ISO 14001:2015